By webdeveloper|May 18, 2017|63% are trying to find information on the social issue that the nonprofit addresses|

To our way of thinking, nonprofit donors are looking for a few key pieces of information prior to considering any donation. Then, after they’ve made that first investment, the information they need to affirm their initial decision and motivate them to make that next donation are pretty much the same. Here’s our take on what nonprofit donors want to see from their contributions. 

Donor Behavior Research

impactRootCause’s report “Research-Informed Philanthropy: Donor Behavior in Seeking and Using Information” found that donors are looking for specific information on a nonprofit’s performance and impact before they make a decision to donate. That research also finds that donor behavior is driven by existing donor knowledge of the cause or charity either from their own experiences or through someone they know.

Of those that regularly give to new causes

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