How Success Is Measured for Nonprofits on HubSpot

By webdeveloper|March 24, 2016|justify further investment|

Success and measurement go hand-in-hand. Unless you’re measuring every aspect of your organization, you can’t possibly know if you’re succeeding or failing. You can’t even set realistic goals for the future unless you’ve measured where you are now and where you’ve been in the past. 

Crucial Things to Have on Your Candidate’s Website

By webdeveloper|March 22, 2016|voters want to see who supports the candidate. They want to see if their local elected official supports them. Endorsements from higher ups like state officials|

Websites and social media pages are often the first or second point of contact between voters and a candidate. Judging a book by its cover has never been truer for campaigns. A website needs a good design and vital information to show that they are a serious contender for public office. Failing to do either one of these could cost the campaign a good first impression, or worse, a vote.

How to Create a Donor Persona

By webdeveloper|March 10, 2016|interests|

Creating and developing donor personas is a huge step in building your fundraising effectiveness and driving results. On a broader level it’s called market segmentation—segmenting the market to find what appeals and messaging strategies work with particular market segments. Donor personas bring all that work to life, focused on creating detailed images of each of your major donor types.