Is Personalizing Direct Mail Really Worth It?

By webdeveloper|September 17, 2015|Uncategorized|

End of year is the best time to wage donor renewal and retention campaigns and is the absolute best time for donor acquisition appeals. Every year, it is the same drill. You wrack your brains (or hire someone else to wrack theirs) to produce the mother” of all appeals

The 4 Best Strategies for Raising More Money for Your Next Election Campaign

By webdeveloper|September 10, 2015|without draining valuable resources from other activities: Strategy #1 – Have a Fundraising Plan and Stick to It Far too many campaigns develop a political fundraising plan early on|

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of candidates for public office.  The one thing these candidates all have in common is that without fail, they wish their campaigns had more money to spend on ads, grassroots activity, and get out the vote efforts.  No matter how much the campaign has raised, the candidate and his or her advisors dream about what they could do with just a little more

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