5 Tips for Improving Your Call Center Script

By webdeveloper|March 27, 2014|like email addresses and a cell phone number|

Volunteer call centers can be the hardest contact service to master. Most political calls end with volunteers being hung up on or just ignored in general. So how can your volunteers better engage the people they’re calling? It all comes down to the script. With an effective script, volunteers get right to the message and ask the important questions upfront.

Voters are ditching landlines. What do campaigners do now?

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Landline phones are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and that is scary for calling campaigns. Why? The FCC banned automated calling services using predictive dialing to mobile devices. No one needs to be reminded of just how big of a problem this can be for calling centers. According to

Our Services and Team Are the Key to Your Success

By webdeveloper|March 18, 2014|including what specific type of data you need and how to acquire it. Our data includes key segmented targets|

Politics is a tricky field filled with myriad smoke and mirrors. Many who seek a chance at shaping their community through politics find it difficult to effectively communicate their issues and cause. Here at Campaign Now, we offer our effective and diverse services, along with an experienced team, to bring you a win on election day. We can help your campaign succeed with:

Six Ways to Make Your Business More Profitable With Consumer Data

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A few months ago, I was having lunch at my favorite local sports bar in my old neighborhood during a visit to Milwaukee, Wis. I started talking to the owner of the restaurant, whose business had just undergone major renovations and was near a bridge that had just reopened after major construction so that traffic could again begin flowing. From the outside, with the new paint, LED signs, newly paved

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